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Fall Trend Predictions

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Week two of trend predictions is going to be a bit different! As someone who feels very strongly about sustainability and trying to learn more about how I can do my part, I felt it would be fun to share what I have found with you all. As I endlessly scroll through Pinterest, I have been seeing more and more corduroy, and I’m not talking your grandpa’s favorite pair of cords. I’m talking high waisted, flared, colorful cords. 60’s fashion has been back on the upswing but mostly has never left and always stays relevant because of the color pallets and the simplicity of the layered look. So, I’m sure your thinking, what are the odds I’m going to find a great pair of secondhand cords that don’t fit weird or has the waistline I’m looking for? Well I’ve done some research and I’ve found 3 sustainable brands that care about the mark they are making on our planet and have nailed the upcoming cord trend. Let’s start with Boden because honestly, I’m so impressed with their products and can’t get enough of their aesthetic.


Photos from Boden Official Website

First up is the Smocked Cuff Corduroy Dress. Its my personal favorite because not only is it corduroy but the cut of the dress screams vintage. The color is so soft with a nostalgic pattern and the detailed cuffs make it feel perfectly feminine.

Next pictured is the Corduroy Mini Skirt, in this perfect Autumn orange or as Boden calls it Chilli Oil. This skirt meticulously emulates Velma from Scooby Doo's vibe. I really enjoy the tiny pockets at the front and the way the skirt sits on the waist. It can be dressed up or down with a t-shirt making it versatile.

The reason we came here was because of the High Rise Flared Pants, skinny jeans could never. Not only is Boden offering the dream fit, but they have given us three great colors starting with Spiced Latte Brown, which is so fall it hurts. Then we have the practical and timeless French Navy, and of course we can't forget the Wild Watermelon PinK which is so fun and can be business casual with any suit jacket, if you are risky enough.

Whimsy and Row

Photos from Whimsy and Row Official Website

Okay we all know the French Street Style is so timeless and never stops being sought after but Whimsy and Row clothing in my opinion are the definition of that look. Not only that but there website looks like fall all year round, somehow they've managed to even turn spring into a fall look, which I can't love enough.

The first thing that gets my attention with the Flora Pant is the big button with such a strong contrast of color. Its something so simple that really changes the look of any pant and is Whimsy and Row's signature look! I also love the mix of modern and vintage when looking at the cut of these cords, they are high waisted, with a high rise and a flare. So many good things to be in this time. These Wide Leg Cords come in six incredible colors and one them including plaid, that's right plaid!

We came here for Corduroy and Whimsy and Row seem to do it well, both pieces feel like time capsules to the 60's and match the look we all know and love. The Isla Dress is a great piece to add to your wardrobe because there are so many ways to layer this look. If you follow my Pinterest, you know how strongly I feel about the ability to layer and how important it is to me and my clothes to get the full wear out of them. This dress is a dream for exactly that, it comes in three fall friendly colors that go great with any big jacket and scarf you pair with it!

Able Clothing

Photos from Able Clothing Official Website

Able Clothing brands themselves as Moving Fashion Forward which is so clever. They are putting a positive spin to the word sustainability and create clothes that help us as consumers move forward in more conscious ways.

Able Clothing has hitched it's wagon to the corduroy trend as well and they are doing it so swimmingly. Not only do they have a large range of sizing but they created this gem called Joan Shacket, shirt or jacket who can tell?

It comes in two nutural tones that can be worn with your favorite pair of denim or over a cute dress you love. Pictured is the lovely Burnt Sienna and also available is Antique White. If these names alone don't give you a look inside this brands aesthetic I don't know what will, they are simple and serve everyday realness. It's a great piece to add to your closet that will stick around even when the new trends come in.

Writers Side note

So I know plenty of you reading this far have clicked on the links and have seen the prices of these items and think, who has that kind of money? I get it, I'm in the same boat. I don't expect everyone to have a budget where they can drop $500 dollars a month on forever clothing items. But see the key word is forever, you aren't going to be constantly chasing trends and having to update your wardrobes with these companies. They are on the expensive side, but they are making reliable products that will last for a very long time. They are providing staple pieces in your wardrobe that stay relevant through the test of time. If you decide not to keep the item long, you can resell it to a new consumer because that's how well these garments are made. Good quality cost more because it takes more time to source materials that are sustainable and heavy duty. I am clearly no expert on sustainability or fast fashion or climate change, but I do know that certain brands are learning ways to sell products in more positive ways so they don't end up in landfills. I am learning and just want to spread positive information for brands I feel strongly about.

Follow up next week for the next brand predictions and send me request and dm for whatever you want to see or read next!

Send your take on this look to @inthismomentvintage and also stop by my Pinterest @nothing_consistent for Outfit Inspiration and more wanna be SecondHand Talk and if you wanna be in the know before everyone else on my the newest items hitting my Depop check out my Tiktok @inthismomentvintage for Haul Material!

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