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Fall Trend Prediction

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Happy weekly fall trends, I don’t know if any of you have been obsessing over fashion week looks but I’ve been fully consumed. I can confidently say that New York did not show up the way Copenhagen or London did. So, something I noticed especially with London and Copenhagen was big knits and Outerwear consisting of vibrant colors. Which is so exciting because we’ve seen so many influencers and fashion icons repping more neutral tones and a minimalist look, which I love don't get me wrong, but color is a staple for me. So, I’m going to bring you a mixture of looks I’ve found and also places that sustainably give you the look for your own closet! This week we will mostly focus on outwear and next week will be more focused on the big knits!

So, I started my journey on Copenhagen Fashion Week’s website where you can see so many Street style looks capture from the infamous week. They literal have a section dedicated to it! Were going to start with Photographer Moeez Ali, you can find his individual wok on his Instagram @moeez.

Photos by Moeez Ali @moeez

Photos by Moeez Ali @moeez

Where do I even start? So many colors and so many vintage looks. As I said many times before fashion is constantly recycling trends because trends never last long enough to get bored of. The high fashion world will always come back to it's roots because it works and is a formula that has yet to fail them.

Photos by Claire Guillon @claireguillon

This next group of photos were taken by the ever so talented Claire Guillon, you can take a further look at her work on her Instagram @claireguillon.

Okay but look at this green knit sweater? Its my dream knit! I also love that a lot of those who attended Copenhagen Fashion Week came in color coordination. Whether they planned ahead or not, it makes looking at the photos aesthetically pleasing. A mixture of seventies and eighties color schemes presented together makes me so HAPPY!

Last but not least and possibly my most favorite color combo is shot by Bryndis Thorsteinsdottir. I couldn't track down an Instagram that felt correct so I'm linking their personal website because the way they shoot fashion is so BEYOND!

I have always been a coat girly because I feel they complement an outfit like no other piece of clothing can. Which makes this possible trend prediction so exciting for me! As someone who studied art, the use of color is so powerful especially when it comes to clothes and putting items together. My partner is constantly telling me things in my outfit don't match, but heres the thing I don't care! Matching every item perfectly really takes the fun out of getting dressed and really trying different things that might be out of your comfort zone!

So I thought we could conclude this week with giving you guys sustainable options to obtain this look. And heres the thing, its still early yet in the season so not every brand has there coat and knit collection out yet but this is what I got so FAR!

The First Place I spotted is called ILK + ERNIE and oH My GoLly are they everything I want my wardrobe to be. Not only are they a family run business operating for over thirty years but there moto is "Sustainable, ethical fashion. For those that want to look good, whilst doing good for the planet." WE LOVE! They are constantly changing collections but the most recent is "Heather's Lounge" and it consist of beautiful colors, patterns and anything but staple pieces. These are not your white and black under shirts. Below you will see what I mean!

Photos from ILK + ERNIE Website

Okay so next we have The Social Outfit and they came highly recommended by Good On You which is my favorite resource to use when considering new brands to suggest to you guys! The Social Outfit is completely transparent and put everything there doing for there employees and the planet right where you can see it. As they call it "A fashion label with a difference." which like COME ON! who doesn't love the idea of being apart of something so important while looking so good! They have a wide selection of items but we came here for the outwear and they are doing it so beautifully! They embodied this trend prediction!

Photos from The Social Outfit Website

I got one more new and fun place to share and its called Lucy and Yak. This brand screams seventies from there graphic style to the colors and patterns they use. It all feels so fun and imaginative. They started this brand out of there own personal van when they quit there 9-5 jobs and starting making pouches out of pre-loved fabrics. Their story is so inspiring and one of my favorites you can read all about it on there website! They have so many beautiful options on their website and a great collection of jackets and they have a whole section dedicated to corduroy (I love corduroy hence the previously written blog all about it here)!

Below you will see three really great examples of the way Lucy and Yak really kill this whole vibrant outerwear trend!

Photos from Lucy and Yak Website

Welp that concludes this weeks trend prediction, again I know some of these brands are on the expensive side but these places offer durability so you love and own these items forever! It's luxury but in a sustainable way! Follow up next week for the next brand predictions and send me request and dm for whatever you want to see or read next!

Send your take on this look to @inthismomentvintage and also stop by my Pinterest @nothing_consistent for Outfit Inspiration and more wanna be SecondHand Talk and if you wanna be in the know before everyone else on my the newest items hitting my Depop check out my Tiktok @inthismomentvintage for Haul Material!

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