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Another Fall Trend Prediction


This has become my favorite part of the week because I may be so new to fashion, but I am not new to loving the things in my closet. I am constantly learning how to use each item in new and exciting ways. ANYWAY. Last week we discussed the upcoming trend of colorful outerwear and big knits, but we focused more on outwear leaving this week to big knits. biG KniTs make up 75% of my wardrobe even in the summer because I truly don’t like the heat, it’s not cozy the way fall is. Summer is fun for like a week and then I’m over it.

We went on the more expensive side of fashion and this week we are going to go a little bit more artistic and I’m bring you handmade garments from adorable Etsy sellers that I personally love. Also going to show you some new fashion bloggers I’ve stumbled upon that show this trend and its slow up rise. We gonna start with the bloggers, here we go!

This blogger calls herself a Fashion Creature and goes by @vivthemole. Her Instagram is a perfect collage of color, vintage class, and a sense of humor because let’s get real, fashion is so serious and scary and sometimes we need those who do it out of the love and fun of it! Vivthemole also has her own blog that I think you all should check out because it gives you a better look into the way she styles and wears the most classic and colorful pieces. So not only is her page so lovey to look at visually but she is a CRAIGLISTER, which I mean how can you not fall in love with that?!?!

So, this leads me to @chloegoslowly who not only gives us a colorful pallet to view with a very cozy cottage vibe, but she is also giving us the realness. She uses her platform to talk about important ever-changing topics as well as supplying her audience with the coolest collabs with earth friendly brands. Above are just a few ways she is killing the big knit look and how you can wear a knit in so many different ways.

I’d like to finish off with an account I have been following for quite some time her name is Kate but her @ is @readwritethrift. Her account is all about showing off her everyday look and captioning the places she get's the items, which is a nice transparency I love. We are all guilty of owning fast fashion, currently I still own plenty and most of those items I’ve owned for years. But she highlights the fact that buying these things happen and that you can also get these items thrifted. Which is such a beautiful way of getting people to buy secondhand clothing. Not only are people buying all the time but there also donating all the time giving everyone an even chance of getting pieces that are trendy and second hand. She’s colorful, fun and honest and everything I aspire to be when it comes to transparent sustainability.

To end today’s lil chapter I wanna give you some Esty stores to gather this look!

First Esty shop is called IlyadaCo and is ran by a community of moms, neighbors and friends! They are a sustainable brand that is 100% handmade.

Then I stumbled upon Oorgubutik which a small business ran by a mother daughter team based out of Turkey. So many colors and design to pick from as well as the option for customization!

One more option on Etsy is Handmade on Basics which is a lovely lil shop with raving reviews on all knitwear. Everything is handmade with four different patterns available.

So finishing this off with saying, fall weather has officially arrived so I think this a great place to end this years fall series! With that being said I have so many more fun things to share with you guys from DIY, my love for furniture and of course clothing! Tune back in next week to see just where I go next!

Send your take on this look to @inthismomentvintage and also stop by my Pinterest @nothing_consistent for Outfit Inspiration and more wanna be SecondHand Talk and if you wanna be in the know before everyone else on my the newest items hitting my Depop check out my Tiktok @inthismomentvintage for Haul Material!

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