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Fall Trend Predictions

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

We’re all looking forward to fall for many reasons but my favorite part other than the spooky films and pumpkin spice swirling around everywhere is the upcoming trend predictions. As a twenty something trying to understand the way sustainability works and the way the fashion world exploits this exact fact, can become confusing and hard to know what is right. What I do know is trends constantly recycle and as a vintage lover and seller I want emphasis how important this fact is. Not only is it a great way of avoiding those shops in the mall filled with what is hot today and not tomorrow but it allows you to fill your closet with statement piece that feel timeless. That will also stay with you through some of your favorite memories and let’s get real not break your bank. So, for the month of September I’ll be exploring the interwebs for what I think will be the next look to be recycled for 2023. We all know the 90’s grunge trend and the way it revolutionized that homeless chic look. This fall we might see a comeback of that long skirt with chunky layers.

Yasmin Sewell Milan Fashion Week: Photo Imaxtree

Yasmin Sewell over the years has given me endless inspiration when it comes to fashion. She has that natural ability to put anything together and make it work. Here we see a fun long dress with a patterned tank on top, and of course velvet high chunky boots with a vintage crepe trench coat.

Sabina Instagram Photo: @sabinadlacruz

Sabina perfectly captures this grunge trend that is slowly making its way back around.

Copenhagen Fashion Week AW 19 DAY 1, Copenhagen Fashion Week AW 19 DAY 2

One of my favorite places to scope out trends and unique pairings is the Copenhagen Fashion Week attendees. So many Vintage pieces used and pops of color to really bring a modern take on this 90's layered look. It was once about the dark colors and patterns to shimmer and bold looks.

My personal take on this trend. I'm obsessed with this look and the way it screams a look that is honestly so effortless. A simple nightgown with loafers and a t-shirt yet you feel like a million bucks.

Send your take on this look to @inthismomentvintage and also stop by my Pinterest @nothing_consistent for Outfit Inspiration and more wanna be SecondHand Talk and if you wanna be in the know before everyone else on my the newest items hitting my Depop check out my Tiktok @inthismomentvintage for Haul Material!

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